Why has WhatsApp warned users?

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Why has WhatsApp warned users?

WhatsApp, the world’s most popular messaging service, has warned its users against downloading fake versions of the application, saying that downloading such versions could lead to security issues for users.

Will Keith Cart, head of WhatsApp, said in a statement released on Twitter that the company’s security team found a fake version of WhatsApp in the Google Play Store that was offering users new features.

Our security team recently discovered malware hidden inside apps, including ‘Hey WhatsApp’ and others, which was introduced outside the Google Play Store by a developer called ‘HeyMods’.

He warned consumers that such fake versions were a scheme to steal personal information stored on people’s phones while the company is taking action against HeyMods to prevent future losses.

Considering the latest security threat, the head of WhatsApp has urged users to download only trusted WhatsApp from the App Store.

They have also urged users to let their friends or loved ones know if they see them using a fake app.

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