We have to do our work, political parties do their work, Election Commissioner Punjab


Lahore: Provincial Election Commissioner Saeed Gul has said that the Election Commission is completely neutral and there is no truth in the allegations, they are working according to the constitution and the law, the presiding officers will send Form 45 on WhatsApp.

Speaking to the media in Lahore on Saturday, Provincial Election Commissioner Saeed Gul said that we have already denied the allegations, we have to do our work, they will continue to do their work according to the law, the political party should do its work, from the camp office of all Aaros. The presiding officer will take the goods, said Saeed Gul

All the polling stations have separate security vehicles to carry the equipment, police are deployed and Rangers will be present in the form of QRF, the Provincial Election Commissioner added that a big screen has been installed in the Lahore camp office for all the results. , we are working completely impartially, there is no truth in the allegations being made against us.

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