Typhoon “Hanamanor” hit the island of South Korea

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Typhoon “Hanamanor” hit the island of South Korea

Seoul: Typhoon “Hanamanor” hit the island of South Korea, 14 people died due to torrential rains and floods, thousands of people had to relocate, trees were uprooted due to heavy rains and winds, 35 thousand houses lost electricity. It’s done.

According to foreign media reports, the Ministry of Interior said in a statement that the storm with a speed of 144 km per hour has caused havoc, thousands of people living in the areas affected by the hurricane have been ordered to evacuate, many houses and buildings have been damaged by heavy rains. were destroyed by floods, and several roads were washed away by floodwaters.

More than 600 schools across the country have been closed or switched to online classes, more than 250 flights have been suspended, and more than 66,000 fishing boats have been diverted to ports, according to the Ministry of Interior in the southern city of Ulsan. I am a 25-year-old man who was swept away in the flash flood and is still missing

A fire incident has also been reported in a large steel plant of Pohang in the southern city of Pohang. The government has issued a high alert declaring the affected areas as a disaster due to the hurricane “Hana Manor”.

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