There is an urgent need to provide vocational training and cutting edge technology in the country


There is an urgent need to provide vocational training and cutting edge technology in the country

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan can increase remittances by developing large-scale technical education programs and skilled manpower, there is a dire need to provide youth with marketable skills, vocational training and cutting-edge technology, awareness of technical education in the country. Launching a campaign is a matter of time.

According to the report of Wealth Pak, accelerating and modernizing the process of skill acquisition will promote economic development in the country. Economic Affairs Division Representative Hafsa Dar told Wealth Pak that sustainable economic and social development is closely related to human resource development, market-based vocational skills and technical education. Pakistan needs to close the skills gap between its youth workforce and the demand for growing technology and automation markets.

According to Dr. Mahmood Khalid, Research Economist, Pakistan Institute of Development Economics, the demand for IT experts, digital skills, and well-trained resource persons has increased significantly.

He said that qualified persons with required training and professional skills can fully explore the domestic and international markets.

According to research economists, the education sector has to be streamlined according to modern trends and objectives. Degrees are required in a variety of fields including agricultural technology, electrical engineering, furniture production, home-made embroidery, and communication skills. Large-scale technical education programs can increase remittances by creating a promising skilled workforce.

Allama Iqbal Open University Lecturer Mustansar Aitzaz said that the nation needs market oriented skills, vocational training and cutting edge technology to use innovative methods to tackle the growing problem of unemployment.

“We are going backwards in the technological education race as people around the world are learning about artificial intelligence and robotics,” he said.

He said that skill development will address the existing skill gap and pave the way for future ready workforce. The government needs to start a mass awareness campaign regarding technical education in the country.

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