The intoxication of power began to come off the head of India

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The intoxication of power began to come off the head of India

KARACHI: The intoxication of power started to come off the head of India, the eyes of the former players were left open with surprise due to successive failures.

In the Asia Cup Super 4 round, India first faced a defeat by Pakistan by 5 wickets. In the second match, Sri Lanka was beaten by 6 wickets. With 2 consecutive failures, the Indian team has been out of the title race. Former cricketers are also quite surprised at this side’s anger.

Venkatesh Prasad said that India have to correct many things, the recent results will be disappointing for the team as well, the flaws will have to be overcome before the World Cup. Akash Chopra said that if you know the bowling is weak then there is no need to point a finger at it but focus on your strength batting, scoring 15 to 20 runs less every time is your shortcoming.
On the other hand, Indian captain Rohit Sharma said that we are not worried about 2 consecutive failures, 90% of the combination is set for the T20 World Cup, only a few changes will be required, our results have been better after the last World Cup. Inter-match series and international tournaments have different pressures.

On a question regarding Arsdeep Singh, Rohit Sharma said that a lot of things are said on social media, we don’t care about it.

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