The Australian senator described the 20 million dollar aid for Pakistan’s flood victims as a mockery of the victims.


Sydney: Australia’s Muslim female senator has mocked the victims for only 20 lakh dollars in aid to Pakistan flood victims on behalf of her government and demanded an immediate increase in the amount of aid for the victims.

Mehreen Farooqui, a Muslim woman senator elected from the Australian state of New South Wales, has said that 3.3 million people have been badly affected by the floods in Pakistan.

This number is more than the total population of Australia, Senator Mehreen Farooqui added in her speech that it is difficult to assess the current situation in Pakistan and in such a situation our government has announced only 20 million dollars in aid. .

Australian Senator Mehreen Farooqi said that this aid is a mockery of such a large affected population, so the Australian government should immediately increase this aid and do more.

Senator Mehreen Farooqui shared a letter written to the Australian Prime Minister and Foreign Minister on Twitter, in which Pakistan has been asked to increase aid, she also requested the users to sign this letter (online petition) Share more.

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