Smartphone app developed to detect Covid-19 by voice


Smartphone app developed to detect Covid-19 by voice

Amsterdam: Artificial intelligence has helped us a lot in medical diagnosis and now, thanks to AI, it is possible to find out whether he is infected with the Corona epidemic or completely healthy, just by voice.

The app can be installed in any mobile phone and requires the potential patient to say something, after which the voice samples are matched to a database and based on that the algorithm makes its diagnosis. The research was presented at the International Congress of the European Respiratory Society.

According to media reports, it was created by Dr. Wafa Al-Jabawi and his colleagues. According to the team, the AI ​​model is so effective that its diagnosis is similar to, and in many cases better than, Hobho lateral flow or rapid antigen tests. The smartphone app can be used in remote, impoverished countries where expensive PCR tests and personnel are not available.

Dr. Wafa has done this work at Maastricht University and in initial experiments it detected Covid cases with 89% accuracy. While the effectiveness of the lateral flow test may vary from brand to brand. Especially in patients with no visible symptoms, the test also fails. This shows that just a simple recording of the patient’s voice and advanced AI algorithms can predict Covid-19 very accurately. Its cost is negligible while everyone can draw conclusions.

On the other hand, a virtual test of a patient sitting thousands of miles away is also possible and a large population can be tested.

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