Rescue operation of Pakistan Army, 22 tourists trapped in Kumrat valley shifted to safe place


Rescue operation of Pakistan Army, 22 tourists trapped in Kumrat valley shifted to safe place

Swat: The rescue operation of the Pakistan Army is going on to evacuate the tourists trapped in the Kamrat Valley. So far, 22 tourists have been shifted to a safe place.

According to the Public Relations Department of Pakistan Army (ISPR), on the instructions of Corps Commander Peshawar, Peshawar Corps contacted the affected people and rescued 22 tourists with the help of helicopters.

According to the ISPR, some families on the mountains could not be rescued due to bad weather, when the weather improves, the people trapped on the mountains will be rescued soon. According to the spokesman of the Pakistan Army, some tourists have gone to the mountains due to bad weather.
According to the statement, an army unit is ready to rescue people trapped in different places in Khawaz Khela. In a statement issued by the Pakistan Army, tourists have been requested not to visit Swat and its nearby areas.

Earlier, tourists from different parts of the country were trapped in Kamrat Valley of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa due to flood and weather conditions.

The number of these tourists is around 200, including women and infants, the affected families have been trapped in Kamrat for the past 48 hours where they have taken shelter in a tent.

The female tourist said that the flow of the river has become very fast on both sides of the Kamrat Valley and all the connecting bridges have been broken, landslides are also happening due to flooding in the drains due to continuous rain.

SHe said that the cold is increasing here, while we have very little food and drinking water. There is no way to come and go from here on foot, so we have taken shelter in the forest of Kumrat.

The stranded tourists appealed to the concerned authorities to rescue them by helicopter or any other means as the situation is getting very bad, if immediate steps are not taken, a major tragedy may occur.

The female tourist said in her video message that it may take another five to six days for the river to subside. Due to the continuous rain and cold here, we do not know our tomorrow. We have appealed to the provincial government and other institutions. But to no avail, now this message should be made viral on social media.

On the other hand, the provincial authorities confirmed that the tourists can be rescued by helicopter, for which arrangements have been made.

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