Poland: Mass graves of 8,000 people killed by the Nazis discovered

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Poland: Mass graves of 8,000 people killed by the Nazis discovered

Warsaw: Two mass graves containing 19 tons of ashes of at least 8,000 people have been discovered outside a Nazi concentration camp in Poland. This estimate is based on the weight of the remains, which is estimated to be approximately two kilograms of ashes. According to Sahar News, the researchers said that the victims were killed and buried.

But later members of the Nazi Party dug up and burned the bodies to cover up the deaths. The place where the graves were dug is now marked with a pole in Polish that says Unknown Martyrs Killed for Being Polish. The years 1939 to 1944 are written along with the grave. Polish authorities opened the tomb, which they said

The war crimes committed in the region will never be forgotten. Karel Nawrocki, president of the Polish Institute of National Remembrance, said in a statement that in 1939, about 8,000 people were brought out of the camp.

And was killed by a bullet in the head. These mass graves were discovered last month. One of these graves is 91 feet long while the other is 39 feet long. Tomasz Jankowski, an official of the institution, told the conference that the people whose ashes are buried here were looted and killed.

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