Now anyone other than you can delete your messages


Now anyone other than you can delete your messages

California: Instant messaging application WhatsApp is rolling out a new feature that will allow other users to delete your messages.

After this new feature, even if you haven’t deleted your message from a chat, it can still be deleted. This feature will be integrated with the ‘delete for everyone’ feature.

Generally, this feature helps you to delete the message that you have sent and you feel that you have said something wrong.
But now WhatsApp has rolled out a new version of this feature that will give group admins the option to delete any new message in a conversation.

This feature was spotted by the tech researchers at WABetaInfo. These researchers keep probing the ‘beta test’ version of WhatsApp to find new changes.

If you are an admin of a group, tap and hold the new message and then choose the option to delete for everyone. This will delete the message from the group chat.

As a sign of this, ‘Message was deleted’ will be written in this place.

The feature is currently released by the company for WhatsApp beta on Android and iOS. However, its official release may take days, weeks or months

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