More than 8 million people worldwide die from tobacco use, experts say

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More than 8 million people worldwide die from tobacco use, experts say

Tobacco use is the cause of most of the diseases and deaths worldwide, including in Pakistan. According to estimates, more than 240 million people use tobacco in Pakistan. Pakistan is among the top ten countries in terms of tobacco use. 80 million people die from tobacco use worldwide. An increasing proportion of 18 diseases, including cancer, are being exposed to its use in Pakistan.

This was expressed in a memorandum of understanding between the Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI) and the Union for TB and Lung Disease Control and Tobacco Workers, which was organized at a local hotel. Speaking at the meeting, Dr. Naseem Janjua, an expert at SDPI, said that history revealed that the tobacco plant came from America to Europe where it was used for religious and ceremonial purposes. Which later became the cause of amusement. Anywhere about the tobacco plant, it has shown more harm than good for health.

Waseem Janjua said that the tobacco industry has been running on the same track for many years, not for centuries. Now all over the world this industry has introduced attractive products for its customers. To which more people are attracted and reducing the journey towards death. Pakistan is also among the signatories to the declaration issued by the World Health Organization regarding tobacco control. This includes a number of measures including the imposition of heavy taxes on tobacco advertising and the industry. He further said that there is more need to work strictly in Pakistan on the declaration and contractual conditions of the World Health Organization, but there is a need to take measures at the provincial and federal levels. Initiatives are there but effective results are not coming due to weak political structure. Tobacco industry in Pakistan also continues to get privileges. Which strengthens it.

He further said that there has been extreme violence with regard to tobacco products which have not been caught by the law and are becoming popular day by day. On this occasion, Khurram Hashmi, the representative of the union in Pakistan, also expressed his views, stated the objectives and called it the social responsibility of the people working on it, and emphasized to work as a first team.

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