Iran has deployed its first drone naval division in the Indian Ocean


Iran has deployed its first drone naval division in the Indian Ocean

Tehran: Iran’s state TV has claimed that it has deployed the first drone naval division in the Indian Ocean. The British news agency Reuters quoted Iran’s state TV as saying that on Friday, July 15, The establishment of the first naval drone division in the Indian Ocean was announced.

The announcement came as US President Joe Biden is on a tour of the Middle East to gather support from Arab countries against the Iranian threat. The TV report only stated that the ship would be able to carry 50 drones. However, no further details were given as to how many ships, submarines or drones the division would have.

Iranian TV reported that the drones that were exhibited on Friday included Pelikan, Arsh, Huma, Cham-Roosh, Jo-Bin, Abdali-4 and Bawar-5 Shaw. Previously, US National Security Adviser Jack Sullivan said. that Washington wants to make it clear that Iran is preparing to supply several hundred drones to Russia;

Some of which are capable of carrying weapons and Iran is also preparing to train Russian forces to use them. After the US adviser’s statement came to light, Iran’s official media reported Iran’s foreign minister yesterday. Hussain AmirAbdullah Yan denied the statement of the US national security adviser in a telephone call with his Ukrainian counterpart.

On the other hand, the US President, who is on a visit to the Middle East, on Thursday, American President Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Lepid signed a joint commitment in Jerusalem that Iran will not be allowed to acquire nuclear weapons. While Iran denies this. It is trying to acquire nuclear weapons. Iran says its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes only.

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