Hijab and Niqab is the glory of a woman

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Hijab and Niqab is the glory of a woman

Woman is an Arabic word which literally means veil or seventy. The term means to hide something. Everything that is to be hidden is called a woman, so it is proved that the word woman means a hidden thing. The more valuable something is, the more it is protected, wrapped, hidden. Look at the law of nature, be it a fruit or a vegetable, the more delicate the origin, the more strongly nature has arranged to cover it. Mangoes, grapes, pomegranates, malta and many similar fruits are examples of this. The pearl is enclosed in a hard-shelled oyster. This is also the attitude of a human being when he leaves valuable things open to the public. He would never leave rupees or jewels in the open at any crossroads. Then the honor and integrity of a Muslim woman is more valuable and superior than anything in the world. Why did the Lord of the universe not issue the order to cover him and protect him? In the case of women, in every nation and religion, there is definitely some honor and respect. Every religion has a provision for its protection in its teachings. But Islam has taken precedence over all religions in the best way of treating women and protecting her. At the beginning of the Madani period, a Jewish man tried to harass a Muslim woman at a goldsmith’s shop in the market of Madinah. Then, while passing through the market, a Muslim man found out that he could not bear his religious pride. The Muslim killed this Jew.

A Muslim man is not only the protector of the honor of the women of his house or family, but he is the protector of the honor and sanctity of all the women of the Islamic world. This is the requirement of his religious honor and dignity. The more pure and secure the woman in the society, the more strong and peaceful the society will be in the home life, that is why Allah Almighty has ordered women in his last book in clear words.

“And tell the believing women to lower their gazes, and to guard their private parts, and not to display their adornment, except that which is visible, and to keep their veils around their necks. And do not reveal your adornment to anyone” (Al-Nur: Verse 31).

Then, in the same Surah Mubarakah, he also explained the details of those men who are Mahram men of a woman and she can come in front of them with an open face and make-up. He said in another place.

“O Prophet, tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the Muslims to hang their cloaks over themselves, by this they will be recognized and identified very quickly, then they will not be persecuted, and Allah is Forgiving, Merciful” (Al-Ahzab: Verse 59).

From these verses, it became clear that showing nakedness and adornment is not the way of a believing woman.

The veil is obligatory on a Muslim woman, it is the mark of a modest and family woman. There is a difference between a slave and a free woman.

Then he said

Be dignified in your homes and don’t walk around like the previous era of Jahiliyyah. (Al-Ahzab: Verse 23)

The Qur’an has declared the act of prostration as the rule of ignorance, alas! Today, our modern woman is again pushing herself into the gutter of ignorance. Islam has freed women from all economic concerns. The man is responsible for it in every way. Allah has given it under the protection of Muharram men. Men have been created by women. It is disliked for a woman to go out of the house unnecessarily. Rules for leaving the house are also given if necessary. Not to be naked, not to show makeup, not to be emanating fragrances, not to wear loud jewelry or shoes, so that no one looks at them with lustful and dirty eyes. These rules have benefits only for women. Their safety and protection, honor and respect have been kept in mind. Mohammed-peace be upon him-said.

“A woman is something to hide, when she leaves the house, Satan is watching her” (Tirmidhi).

That is, if a woman is naked and inviting people to see her, then the satanic character is in the dirty eyes of men. After the veil was revealed, the Companions and the pure wives were the first to follow this order and remain strictly veiled as long as they lived.

Hazrat Umm Khalad, may Allah be pleased with her, came to inquire about her martyred son, and she was wearing a niqab on her face. Hazrat Umm Khalad replied, the trouble has come on me and not on my shame and modesty. Then we also remember the incident when a woman came to him who was suffering from epilepsy. He said, I am a patient of epilepsy, during the disease, my seventies open. Pray for me to Allah Almighty to give me health. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said, “If you persevere in sickness, your reward is Paradise, and if you wish, I pray to Allah to grant you health.”

So this woman said, I will be patient, but also said that during epilepsy, my satr opens, pray to Allah Almighty, my satr does not open.

The Messenger of Allah, may God bless him and grant him peace, made this supplication for him (Bukhari 5328).

See, this great Sahabi was patient with illness, but he was not patient with nakedness. Purity of a Muslim woman is also a necessity and recognition. Even for a little girl, the face should not be veiled, but the dress should be complete and modest. When you become an adult, wear a veil. Keep your heart pure and protect yourself from the dirty eyes of others. Then see, God willing

By: Nabila Shehzad

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