Former President Donald Trump sued the US Department of Justice

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Former President Donald Trump sued the US Department of Justice

Washington: Former US President Donald Trump has filed a case against the Department of Justice after the FBI raided his home.

According to international news organizations, Donald Trump has asked in his request to the federal court that the FBI should be stopped from investigating the documents seized in the house raid.

Trump demanded through the court that the Justice Department provide formal receipts for every item or document recovered from the home. According to Trump, the FBI should be ordered to stop investigating the documents until a neutral party or lawyer is appointed to oversee it. In addition, the items seized during the raid should be returned. which were not mentioned in the warrant.

In the case filed on Monday, Trump’s lawyers argued that some of the documents are an executive privilege and that US presidents are allowed by law not to make certain matters public after the raid. It has gained public attention.

On the other hand, the US Department of Justice says that the former president may have misused official documents and the same allegation is being investigated. According to the department, former US presidents are required by law to hand over all their official documents and emails to the National Archives Agency.

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