FIFA restores Pakistan’s international membership

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FIFA restores Pakistan’s international membership

The FIFA has restored Pakistan’s international membership, restrictions on Pakistan football have been lifted, the doors of international competitions have been opened for national teams, and a series of football activities at the national level will also be restored.

According to the details, the mandate of FIFA’s normalization committee has been extended for one year. The Ashfaq Group ousted the normalization committee and took over the football headquarters.

After which FIFA took stern action and suspended Pakistan, which also halted football activities across the country. National teams played international competitions and officials. He was denied admission in education courses. After a long struggle, the charge of FIFA House was handed over to the normalization committee under government orders.

Now, after the end of external interference, FIFA also decided to restore Pakistan’s membership. Haroon Malik congratulated the nation and the football community on the end of the suspension and said that the tireless work of the NC and the prayers of the football family should come to fruition.

In the available time, Pakistan will try to move football in the right direction.

FIFA restores Pakistan’s international membership

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