Facebook company Meta has released its first human rights report

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Washington: Metta, the company that owns Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, has released its report on human rights for the first time.

The report was released after META has long been accused of turning a blind eye to violence and online abuse in countries such as India and Myanmar. The company’s efforts are described.

Metta’s report stated that during this period it prevented health misinformation (regarding the outbreak of Covid-19). Privacy issues were examined and work was done to overcome these issues, but the report did not appease critics of violence in India and the spread of misleading information, as social media networks referred to India. Only a summary is given, not full details.

Human rights group Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have demanded that all the details regarding India be released. In the report, a summary regarding India was prepared by a law firm Foley Haug. According to Meta, the law firm said that Meta’s platforms are becoming part of the human rights threats posed by third parties.

According to the summary, Facebook, WhatsApp and other platforms pose a threat to hateful content and people’s safety, META needs to take concrete steps in this regard. What steps are being taken on its behalf. Similarly, the report does not discuss the allegations of post-moderation bias in India.

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