Children who walk to school are more active and active

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NEW JERSEY: Children who bike or walk to school from an early age are not only more active, but the habit lasts a lifetime, a new study has found.

Rutgers University scientist David Tulloch and his colleagues have conducted a new study in this regard. They say that walking to school is a wonderful experience for a child, which has a lifelong impact. After this research published in the journal Preventive Medicine, it is said that this good habit at an early age has long-term effects on health. Thus they retain it in their next academic career as well.

In this context, experts surveyed parents and children from low- and middle-income households in the United States. The baseline survey conducted in 2009 lasted until 2107, including the New Jersey cities of Camden, New Brunswick, Newark, and Trenton.
The scientists studied children aged 3 to 15 years from a total of 587 households and noted the distance of their homes and schools from satellite. It was observed that the children who had the habit of walking to school from the beginning continued to follow this habit after two to four years.

In this way, it was found that about 75% of the children developed the habit of walking and being active. Research has shown that those who walk to school from an early age are seven times more likely to develop a walking habit that persists into the following year. Thus, walking children reap many benefits both mentally and physically.

Other experts believe that children should get used to at least one hour of physical activity, sports, running and walking every day. This improves their health.

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