A trade-friendly gate was opened on Pak-Iran border


Taftan: Trade-friendly gate Zero Point along Pak-Iran border has been opened for commercial activities by Pakistani, Iranian border authorities after the end of Eid-ul-Azha holidays.

According to the details, after the Eid al-Adha holidays in Pakistan-Iran border city of Taftan, the Pakistani and Iranian border authorities opened the trade-friendly gate Zero Point connecting Iran and Pakistan for commercial activities. With the resumption of activities, there was a wave of happiness among the daily wage workers there.

Taftan is a commercial center and the only source of labor here is the gate on the Iranian-Pakistani border. The workers expressed their happiness at the opening of the zero point gate, according to Assistant Commissioner Taftan Zahoor Ahmad Muhammad Hosni and Zero Point Gate in-charge Jameel Mengal today. But the Zero Point Gate has been opened by the border authorities of both the countries for commercial activities, which will allow the working class of both the countries to work.

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